This world is a visual feast, and as I travel through it -- camera in hand – each click of the shutter captures the world as I see it. Each image becomes a chronicle of my visual journey – a record impervious to fading.

My interest in photography began years ago and quickly blossomed into a life long passion. The digital age transformed my work. What was once a black and white world, developed in a small darkroom, exploded into full color. For me this transition opened up infinite possibilities for new artistic explorations with no end insight. By embracing the digital age and using post-processing software, at times, I let my artistic spirits roam freely and experiment.

In my latest travels to some very remote corners of the world, I attempt to bare witness and capture the life, culture and color of local populations. I discovered that the camera often helps brake through the language barriers and enables me to get in touch with the essence of places and people I’m photographing.

I have exhibited my work in several galleries, both as a solo artist and in group shows.

Currently some of my images from my latest portfolio are being exhibited on the Griffin Museum of Photography Virtual Gallery.

I'm represented by:   Schneider Gallery
                                770 North LaSalle Dr. Suite #401
                                Chicago, Illinois 60654
                                (312) 988-4033